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Developed a passion for cattle sales.

My Dad was a Ranch Manager when I was growing up and the highlight of each year was the annual sale. I distinctly remember the excitement I felt from the chant of the auctioneers and the roar of the ringmen. I was in awe of the professionalism and preparation that went into each sale, and this led me to decide my career path at an early age.


Developed a respect for the industry.

Since 1975, I have been involved in all phases of the marketing of purebred and commercial cattle. I respectfully say that I have learned from the best in the country: from my first 4-H leader to the very best fitters, ringmen, sale managers, auctioneers and owners. Each of them taught me valuable lessons that I apply each and every day.


Developing and continuing long lasting relationships.

I have been fortunate enough to manage and/or work ring side at some of the elite sales in the country and my passion for this business continues today. I’m deeply appreciative of the friendships and the long lasting relationships that have been forged over the years.

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